Aquarium LED Lighting: Adjustable Tank Light for Fish & Reef

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Suitable for any sizes of fish tanks, light body changeable at any angle within 180°!


✔︎ Double leaf separation can be freely adjusted, suitable for more sizes of fish tanks, to meet more needs.

✔︎ 180 ° wide angle radiation.

✔︎ Bright and close to natural color.

✔︎ Super safe LEDs for fish tank plants Reef and fishes.


 Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fish-only and low-high light level aquarium plants recommended for use over glass or acrylic canopy-covered aquariums by preventing moisture from affecting it.

7500k cool color and warm care of aquatic plants, imitate the natural light, the water quality is more transparent.


  • Material: ABS + Glass.
  • Lamp Board Length: app.20cm/7.87in.
  • Lamp Stretched Length: app.49cm/19.29in.
  • Quantity: 1 Set