Jellyfish Lavalamp LED: Bedroom Mood Aquarium Lava Lamp

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Watching the realistic jellyfish models swim quietly with changing lights is mesmerizing, relaxing & hypnotic!


✔︎ The soothing mood light creates a calming environment for children and adults.

✔︎ Colorful lights with the realistic jellyfish models floating on water.

✔︎ Best decoration gift.


The colorful light with the realistic jellyfish models floating on the moving water produced by a motor inside the lamp, creates a perfect soothing ambience. When you look at it, it will make you feel very happy and relaxed.

This jellyfish lamp is a great Decoration gift for Christmas, Holiday, Party, Home, Office, Bedroom etc...

How to use it?

1. Load 3*AA battery or connect the power with USB wire. (Choose one way only, discharge the battery if you use USB wire).

2.Put clear water inside the tank (95% full is enough).

3.Turn on switch on the base of the lamp.

4. Add 3 drops of detergent into water and wait for about 1 minute to release the bubble from the tank.

5. Dip the 2 jellyfish into water then they will float up and down (If there are some bubble under the head of jellyfish, use a stick to turn it over to release the bubble, or the jellyfish will keep floating on top).

6. Close the lid. Turn on the switch.


        • Product Size: 10.5*30cm.
        • Material: ABS & Acrylic.
        • Power supply: 3 x AA batteries(not Included) Or USB Charging.