Listen Through Wall Device: Spy Detector High Strength Ear Listening Headphones

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No one really tells the truth straight to your face, but this hearing through wall device will let you know whats being said!


✔︎ Works on wooden walls, doors, windows, steel plates, etc...

✔︎ Perfect also for detecting broken pipes inside the wall.

✔︎ Highly Sensitive, you can carefully adjust audio.

✔︎ Small and light weight for easy carrying.

✔︎ High sense metal probe and detector.


No one really tells the truth straight to your face. So why not find out the truth, you will be amazed what people might say when you're whether you are in a motel room, hotel room, apartment or just in the next room, the device will let you know whats being said.

As simple and powerful as possible from a handheld listening device, this audio gadget can let you hear conversations through walls and other barriers.So how does it work Simple, you switch on the Inspector Gadget Audio Listening Device, insert the earphones, and then place the audio bug on the wall and listen to what's being said.

Package includes

  • 1 * Voice Listen Detector.
  • 1 * Earphone.
  • 1 * USB Cable.