Automatic Door for Dogs: Magnetic Return Pet Screen Door

Size: M
Color: Black
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Give your furry friend the freedom to go in or out without asking for your help!


✔︎ Made of high-hardness plastic material, which will block storms.

✔︎ Includes adjustable, flexible flaps with a magnetic seal to keep the weather outside where it belongs.

✔︎ Protect your home in any climate.

The soft and transparent flip cover is convenient for your pet to enter and exit, and the flexible clamshell has three sides of magnets, which automatically closes without pushing and pulling.

 The snap-in black plastic closed panel controls the access of pets, giving your pets free space and denying stray dogs access.

How to install it?

1. Put down the dog door and divide it into 3 pieces, which is outer door frame, inner door frame and baffle.

2. Mark with pencil according to the size of inner door frame and draw a hole.

3. Drill a hole at the four corners with a drill, and then use the electric saw to cut the hole directly.

4. Align the outer and inner door frames up and down, then press down.

5. Screw in the screws and insert the door, installation is complete!


  • Product material: ABS, PVC.
  • Product color: Black, white.
  • Product size: M, L.
  • M outer frame: 37*24cm; Inner frame: 30*19cm.
  • L outer frame: 46*32cm; Inner frame: 38.5*27.3cm.