Robotic Window Cleaner: Electric Magnetic Mirror Cleaning Tool

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This window cleaning robot is a great helper, it brings comfort and safety to your life, and save more time to windows cleaning!


✔︎ Can clean windows, glass doors and mirrors.

✔︎ You can choose between intelligently cleaning or manually cleaning.

✔︎ Powerful vacuum adsorption capacity up to 2.5KG (vertical).

✔︎ Automatically detect window edges.


This Robotic Window cleaning works with a built-in vacuum motor, which helps him to suck air and to stand on the glass surface. Compatible with all types of glass, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling, window and hard-to-reach places.

How to use:

1. Wait 20 seconds after starting up until the blue light stop flashing then you can start working, because the robot need 20sec to detect the glass plane.

2. Binding the safety rope when using, Prevent falling from high altitude.

3. Spray some water on the edge of the Mop when working, it will be better.

Package Includes

  • x1 host
  • x1 power cord + adapter,
  • x1 remote control
  • x1 battery pair
  • x2 pairs of cleaning rings (4)
  • x1 extension of 4 meters
  • x1 safety rope
  • x10 cleaning cloths
  • x1 manual (or English manual)
  • x1 after-sales warranty card